The Amazon Rainforest


Amazon Rainforest Information

If you are an eager explorer that loves adventure, wildlife and discovery new and amazing places, then you should definitely visit the Amazon Jungle at least once in your life! Here you will find a comprehensive guide about the different areas that some South American Countries share of the vast pristine Jungle considered as the “lungs of the World”.

With our complete guideline, tips and recommendations you will be able to decide which Country and which type of tour (Cruise or Lodge) will be best for your enjoyment and also facts like when to travel, how to get there, weather conditions and more interesting facts that will definitely be relevant to your decision to visit the en chanted Jungle.

Detailed information on each Country and how to get to each part of the Amazon, some parts can be reached via land and others require domestic flight arrangements.

Wish to know when is best to sail on a River cruise on the Amazon River tributaries or perhaps when is the best time for a Lodge program? Useful information here.

If you are looking to taste exquisite native cuisine prepared by local Communities or your Chef at Lodge or Cruise, take a look inside to see the delightful dishes you will enjoy.

Discover the natural biodiversity of several Protected Areas deep in the Amazon, also a great way to decide on your trip.

A comprehensive and complete guide of what to bring for your trip to the Jungle to be prepared in advance for your wonderful adventure.

As you will be traveling far from cities, it is important to know the facts about the area and primary recommendations to be aware before arranging your trip.

Discover the natural biodiversity of several Protected Areas deep in the Amazon, also a great way to decide on your trip.


Did you ever wondered what will it be like seeing a large Caiman, a Pink Dolphin or even a majestic Anaconda in person? The Rainforest has amazing and mysterious creatures that bring live and color to this natural paradise. They are not very easy to spot, but with the proper tour or cruise, your chances will increase exponentially for sure.

Over 1500 colorful bird species will surely captivate you during your trip. Take a look at the most emblematic ones.

Amazing and mysterious reptiles awaits you during your trip. Witness firsthand how these animals evolved and adapted to the Jungle.

Most representative animals

During your tour, you may have opportunities to encounter with some of the most symbolic and iconic animals in the Jungle regions of Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. With the help of your experienced guides you will surely be able to spot them along every excursion.

Follow this incredible intelligent and lovely mammals along the rivers of the Amazon and learn about their natural habitat.

Discover the beauty and friendliness of this remarkable herbivorous river specie and learn about the efforts to protect them.


When touring around the Rainforest, you will encounter giant legendary trees, colorful plants and you will learn exactly why the Amazon Jungle is considered as the World’s “Natural Drugstore” due to the incredible variety of medicinal plants found in most areas and used (still) by ancient cultures and even by the Occidental World

Considered as the natural laboratory of the World, discover the many healing plants that the Jungle offers to the human race.

Learn about the different zones of the Amazon Jungle and how you can enjoy several activities during your tour within primary and secondary forest.

The Rainforest characterizes for having an incredible variety of plant life, check some of the most amazing and dramatic-looking species in here.

While you are hiking in the Jungle, you may encounter trees of up to 200 feet! See how they contribute to the well-maintenance of this natural paradise.

The “Amazon River”, one of the largest of the planet

A land full of mystery, legends, incredible natural biodiversity and ancient Indigenous Communities divided into several Countries in South America; rivers and primary forest filled with live, adventure and untamed wildlife. All there is to find out to begin your trip planning is here to discover.

Interesting and complete facts about the Rainforest that will surely bring your attention and make you visit it.

Known as one of the world’s most populous river, the Amazon River also holds the title as the longest river in the world.

The communities

Some remain isolated from the World, others welcome the visitor to learn their ways of life; still, human history in the Jungle is quite fascinating as you realize how the locals live and thrive through generations because of their inherited Cosmo-vision, living in harmony and respect with the environment.

The main indigenous groups located in the Amazon of Ecuador

Indigenous peoples in Peru or Native Peruvians, comprise of a large number of ethnic groups who inhabit territory in present-day Peru.

When we think of wild and pristine destinations, the Brazilian Amazon is usually among the 1st locations that spring to mind.