Amazon river cruises
Amazon river cruises

Why cruise the Bolivian Amazon?

Amazon tripThough all cruises and expeditions on board the Amazon Clipper Fleet are packed with adventure, new experiences and unforgettable memories, cruises in Bolivia are just a little bit different. As the least populated, least explored and least developed part of the Amazon Basin, the Bolivian jungle offers intrepid travellers a unique opportunity to experience the untouched essence of the rainforest.

So forget the beaches and national parks of Brazil or the river networks of Peru, if you’re considering joining one of the many Amazon river trips that operate in the region, here are some reasons for choosing Bolivia as your gateway to the jungle.

The Amazon in Bolivia

Lying around a thousand kilometres from the mighty Amazon River itself, the Bolivian part of the rainforest occupies a fraction of the total basin. However, what the Bolivian Amazon lacks in size it more than makes up for in beauty, with this isolated part of the jungle one of the most beautiful sections of all.

Largely untamed, this area of the Amazon is mostly made up of lowland swamps, savannah and tropical rainforest known as Selva. Like other Amazon river trips, expeditions in Bolivia allow passengers to get close to nature and spot many of the beautiful, endangered and unique animals that inhabit the region.

The annual flooding of the Bolivian Amazon ensures minimal humanAmazon Jugle activity at the same time as supporting a huge variety of wildlife including 1,300 species of bird, 220 species of reptile, 20 species of primate and 316 species of mammal.


amazon rainforest tourAs well as experiencing the jungle from the comfort of the boat, on Amazon river trips passengers also have the opportunity to join a variety of unique and exhilarating excursions throughout the cruise.

From horse riding through the jungle to stargazing and swimming in the rainforest waterways to meeting local tribes, the Bolivian Amazon has a huge amount of opportunities for experiencing an authentic taste of the jungle.

Other sights

Scattered with Inca ruins, home to the highest capital city in the world and with a vibrant indigenous culture, Bolivia is a fantastic place to explore and experience.

So, to make the most of your trip to the South American continent, why not combine your expedition on one of the Amazon river trips with a visit to La Paz, the Uyuni salt lake, ancient Inca ruins or the stunning Lake Titikaka? By seeing a bit more of the country and its incredibly landscape you can get a real feel for culture of Bolivia and everything this mountainous country has to offer.

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