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Amazon Jungle

Solo-friendly cruise. No single supplement.

Discover the Amazon Jungle – A Date with Yourself Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon Jungle? We understand the allure of solo travel and the desire to connect with yourself and nature in a profound way. Why Choose a Solo Travel Adventure with […]

Aqua Nera | Amazon Cruise

Discover the Peruvian Amazon in luxury: New Aqua Nera sailings in 2024

A PERUVIAN ODYSSEY Explore the beating heart of the Peruvian Amazon aboard the state-of-the-art Aqua Nera. As the newest river ship in the fleet – which was named the World’s Best River Cruise Line by Travel + Leisure this year – Aqua Nera raises the bar for luxury travel in remote and exotic destinations. Guests […]

Zafiro | Amazon Cruise

Enjoy a New Year cruise on the Amazon River.

We will help you to have a magical New Year filled with adventure and fun. Peruvian Rainforest combines culture, tradition and biodiversity. The mystical New Year on an Amazon Cruise Celebrate the New Year with us in the jungle. Join in the strangest and most exotic rituals to welcome the New Year with energy. 12 Grapes Ritual: […]

Amatitsa | Amazon Cruise

Exclusive charters in the Peruvian Amazon

Spending quality time with the people you love the most is a privilege. Traveling to a unique destination like the Peruvian Amazon in the comfort and privacy of a small charter cruise is the perfect solution to reconnect with others while creating memories to last a lifetime From family reunions to major celebrations or corporate incentive trips, a private charter […]

Port of Manaus

How to get to Santarém from Manaus. What to see? Are there cruises from Manaus?

Traveling to the Amazon is a unique experience and to venture along the rivers of the region and enjoying the exuberance of the largest tropical forest in the world is the dream for most visitors. There are two ways to get to Santarém from Manaus, by plane or big slow ferry boat. For the trip […]

Manaus - Brasil

An Insider’s guide on how to get to and around the city of Manaus

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most desired places in the world to visit, especially by foreigners and adventure lovers. However, the destination is becoming popular amongst Brazilians and foreigners alike, getting to be one of the most popular national and international tourism routes. Manaus – capital of the state of Amazonas – is […]

Manaus City

Best location and hotel to stay in Manaus before to join a jungle adventure

Manaus city is a great starting point to explore the Brazilian Amazon rainforest on a riverboat cruise. The city is the Capital of Amazonia and has plenty of things to explore before going to the jungle. Also the city can easily be explored in a day or two. Staying in an incredible hotel with the […]

Manaus | Brazil

How to visit an indigenous village in the Amazon from Manaus

For sure, to know Amazonia is an unique experience. The Amazon rainforest is the world’s richest and most-varied biological reservoir, containing several million species of insects, plants, birds, and other forms of life, many still unrecorded by science. The luxuriante vegetation encompasses a wide variety of trees, including many species of palm, and acacia, as well as rosewood, kapok (gigantic […]

Aqua Nera Amazon Cruise

Lungs of the World

No explorer’s bucket list is complete without a trip to the world’s largest rainforest. From its wealth of biodiversity to its sheer size, the Amazon Rainforest is immense on all accounts. Even today, researchers continue to find new species of flora and fauna across this mighty expanse, and there are thousands of such discoveries still […]

Praias Novo Airao

Anavilhanas Archipelago a detailed guide

The Anavilhanas National Park, located between the Manaus city (648 kilometers) and Novo Airão city (552 kilometers), in Amazonas, is the perfect destination for visitors who are looking for a complete nature-tourism experience in the Amazon rainforest. Amazing wildlife, vegetation, lakes, and a sky full of stars make the region a truly magical place. The […]

Rio Negro

A full guide about Rio Negro river, Amazonas, Brazil

Surely, the best way to explore the Amazon is to navigate through it’s river system. The Rio Negro is the largest tributary on the left bank of Amazon River, in the Amazon, in South America, bathing three countries in South America: Colombia (where it has its sources), Venezuela and Brazil, and runs for about 1,700 kilometers. Also it […]

Ponta Negra Manaus

15 things to see and do if you are visiting Manaus, Brazil

The most cosmopolitan city in the North of Brazil, the former “Paris Brasileira” is famous for being the home of the Amazon Rainforest. With endless beauty, intense cultural life, delicious cuisine and, of course, enormous natural wealth, the Amazonian capital has a lot to offer those who choose it as a destination. So, how about […]