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Ecuador Amazon Tour

Support the Achuar

The unrelenting drive for oil has reached the deepest regions of the Peruvian Amazon – the Canadian oil company Talisman Energy has begun to drill exploratory wells in the ancestral homeland of the Achuar people.

The Achuar have decided that they do not want development based on oil drilling and the unsustainable extraction of natural resources. They want the Peruvian government to recognize their rights to their land, territory and resources, and they want Talisman Energy and other oil companies to respect their decision to live without oil contamination and pursue their own model of development in harmony with the natural environment.

Right now Talisman Energy’s exploratory drilling poses an immediate threat to the Achuar’s rainforest homeland and has already caused contamination which has destroyed hunting and fishing grounds.

For decades the Achuar have opposed oil development in their lands. And now the Achuar are asking you to stand with them in their current fight against Talisman Energy.

“We demand that the Peruvian government immediately annuls the contracts for blocks 64 and 101 and that Talisman immediately withdraws from our territory.”

– Achuar public statement, March 28th 2010

Please show your support for the Achuar by signing this pledge. Then share it with your friends and ask them to stand together with the Achuar.

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