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amazon cruise

Manatee Amazon Explorer Fam Trip

The Manatee riverboat is considered as the best option in Ecuadorian Amazon if you are looking for river cruises. When travelers want to feel all the enchantment of the Amazon rainforest, they always prefer the less crowded sites, and this is just what the Ecuadorian Amazon offers.

I was in a site inspection trip last week on board the Manatee and everything goes just great, the crew is really committed with wildlife conservation, the guides are knowledgeable and respectful for nature, the food is awesome and the cabins are really comfortable.

The itinerary includes the very best places for wildlife spotting in Ecuadorian Amazon as; Yasuni National Park considered the most biodiverse place in the planet, Pañacocha lake where you can swim with piranhas (don’t worry they are very friendly with tourists), Local communities where you can see how the jungle people use to live.

If you are ready for the trip of your life the Manatee Amazon Explorer is waiting for you…

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