Amazon rainforest tour
Amazon rainforest tour

Flooded season or dry season for cruises?

With the average daily temperature staying around 27˚C throughout the year, the main decision that anyone planning a trip to the Amazon has to make is whether to visit in the flooded season or the dry season.

Most Amazon cruises operate throughout the year, adjusting their itineraries to suit the conditions. This allows guests to choose the season that suits their interests and the way that they want to travel.

Though the time of year that you choose to visit will effect the animals, birds, reptiles and plants that you see, the incredible diversity, abundance and beauty of the Amazon always guarantees a fantastic visit full of eye-opening experiences and unforgettable sights.

The dry season

Stretching from June to December, the dry season sees the water levels at their shallowest. This is normally around 23 feet lower than during the flooded season.

However, with around 200 rainy days every year in the Amazon jungle, those who choose to visit in the dry season are still pretty much guaranteed to see some big showers during their trip.

Throughout the dry season, many of the jungle paths and hiking trails that are inaccessible in the flooded season dry out. This allows visitors to travel deep into the heart of the jungle, spot reptiles, plants and insects and get a real feel for the environment around them..

However, as the water levels are lower, those travelling on board Amazon River trips will be further from the jungle canopy, making it a little harder to see the birds, monkeys and other creatures that make their home in the tree tops.

On the other hand, the reduced volume of water makes fishing a lot easier, with piranha especially easy to hook if you know the right spots.

The flooded season

amazon rainforest tourGenerally cooler and rainier than the dry season,Amazon Hiking the flooded season stretches from December to May and sees much of the jungle completely underwater.

The increased water level raises those on board Amazon River trips high up towards the canopy and opens up a huge network of waterways throughout the jungle allowing boats to sail into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

However, as many of the tracks and trails are underwater, hiking and trekking can be more difficult and fishing is a little more of a challenge.

Though passengers on board Amazon River trips will notice a distinct difference between the seasons, with its unique habitat, abundant plant and animal life and spectacular landscape, the Amazon is a fantastic destination at any time of the year and will make for an unforgettable break whenever you choose to visit.

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