Best Amazon Cruises in July


When it comes to summer vacations, nothing beats a trip to the Amazon rainforest. Striking the perfect balance between picturesque locales and adventurous experiences, the Amazonia in the summer provides you with such unforgettable memories that you end up cherishing them for a lifetime. That is why, many families, couples, and even lone travelers choose to spend their free time in the summer on taking an Amazon cruise.

Ecuador Amazon TourBut that’s where the questions arise. Which month is best to visit the Amazon in the summer? What kind of expenses can you expect during your trip? And most importantly, what type of weather will you have to bear while taking a cruise down the famous river?


A quick answer: You can visit the Amazon year round!

In this article we will go in depth into the advantages of traveling in the summer months, the details of visiting the Amazon in July. How much you spend depends upon the experience you end up choosing. And you can prepare yourself to experience the river and the jungle with overall pleasant weather.


But those are only the brief answers to these questions. Before you go ahead and find the best cruise, here’s a further explanation on each of these recommendations. This helps you make an informed decision while also being confident in your choices.


Why July is a Great Time to Visit the Amazon?


The Amazon jungle is a rainforest, which means that it drives a wet season most of the year. Even when it’s not raining throughout the 2.1 million square miles area of the rainforest, the Amazon basin boasts of a wet climate more often than not. 

Amazon rainforest tourUnsurprisingly, the Amazon river also drives the same season as the jungle itself. This means that when you visit the Amazonia either through land or water, you are bound to see some level of rain. But given that you are looking to get exceptional outdoor experiences, too much rain cannot only dampen your spirits but also make it difficult for you to enjoy any outdoor activities. That is why, most tourists prefer to visit the forest during drier months, which happen to be the July-August season.


The month offers some of the best tours due to its coinciding timing with summer vacations around the world. Even those cruises and tours that open for a limited time are mostly operative through July. With that, the chances to still enjoy lighter rain in a moderate capacity makes this month a fan favorite to deliver exceptional memories. 


If you plan ahead, then you can also save some money even while booking the most sought after cruises and tours. This goes a long way into making sure that you can find the balance between excellent tour services and a healthy bank account.


That’s why, it is recommended that whenever you are planning to visit the Amazon, you do so right in the middle of the year. When you time your trip perfectly, there’s no reason why it won’t become the vacation of a lifetime.


The Best Amazon Cruises to Book in July

With the answers to those questions out of the way, let’s look at the finer points of booking the cruise. 


Since the Amazon holds at least 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity, this makes the region exceptionally rich in offering accessibility to a wide variety of flora and fauna. If you stay on a cruise ship throughout your trip, then you can miss out on most of the wildlife that’s available on land. But if you don’t go on a cruise ship at all, then you are unable to access all the areas of the forest in a timely manner.

That’s why, you should select a cruise that balances out land and water travel and provides you with the option to explore the Amazon on foot as well as on a boat. This provides you with the best of both worlds while also adding plenty of activities to your itinerary.


Now that you have an understanding of this crucial requirement as well, let’s learn about some of the best Amazon cruises and where to book them instantly. 


1. Aqua Nera

The Aqua Nera stands front and center for offering the ultimate in luxury and the best in expert tour guidance. 


At the time of writing, the tour costs $4,125 per person. But it comes with the promise of being helmed by some of the most experienced experts in the field.  

The 10-day tour starts in Iquitos, Peru and takes you through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Apart from guiding your journey through the Amazon on its riverboat, the cruise also takes into account additional activities such as hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and walking tours. 


Throughout these activities, you are able to go through some of the most diversified areas of the Amazon and see plenty of bird species on the way. With that, you can also get the chance to see wildlife such as sloths, caimans and tamarins.


At this cruise, you are offered high-quality food and accommodations in a top of the line vessel, which makes it one of the best tour options to visit the Amazon. The cruise also promises to be flexible with the needs of your travel party and ensure that all of you have an excellent tour experience, which means that it can make adjustments along the way in case of any changes with weather or accessibility options.


2. Delfin I, II & III Amazon River Cruise

amazon cruise shipWhen it comes to finding more affordable options while also ensuring that you are going with a reliable provider, the Delfin I, II & III Amazon River Cruise can fulfill all your needs perfectly. 

At the time of writing, the 7-day tour starts from $2,250 – which is a price break on its original cost of $2,549 per person. The tour starts and ends through Peru, while providing an inclusive experience within the price range by offering services such as on-cruise meals and activities. 

The tour is done via a light boat, but the experience that it provides is not lightweight at all. From taking you through the Amazon river to guiding your journey through the Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, the tour gives you plenty of chances to experience some of the most amazing wildlife in the form of sloths, toucans and pink dolphins. It also includes on land activities such as regular hikes and walking tours. 


While the cruise has one of the friendliest price points, it still offers an immersive experience that is led by an experienced tour guide. This is one of the best options if you are one to prefer the beauty of nature but do not mind traveling only a short distance in exchange for being easy on your bank account. 


3. Aria Amazon River Cruise


Rounding back to another luxury option, the  Aria Amazon River Cruise provides one of the most upscale tour options for you to explore the Amazon in style. 

Amazon luxury cruiseStarting at $4,050 per person, the cruise is undoubtedly one of the most sublime options for you to take in the Amazonia. But the high quality on-board services definitely make it worth the price tag. 


Apart from offering a best in line travel experience, the cruise also offers you plenty of immersive options to interact with the local wildlife and natural scenery. From taking in the giant water lilies to seeing the taricaya turtles, and from watching magnificent birds to witnessing elusive sloths, the tour has plenty to offer in terms of unforgettable memories. 


Starting and ending in Iquitos City, Peru, the cruise also takes into account off-the-board activities and offers kayaking, canoeing and swimming in safe spaces along the Maranon and the Ucayali rivers. The union of these rivers is also called the Birthplace of the Amazon, and the cruise ensures to pay tribute to this magnificent area by providing you with an experienced tour guide to explain each step of your journey for you. 


If you are looking for a home away from home while also getting to experience some of the most memorable flora and fauna that the Amazonia has to offer, then selecting this cruise will be the way to go. 


While there are plenty of other options, these 3 tours highlight some of the best summer cruises. In order to go with a more affordable price point, you can also cut through the days that some tours offer and make it a shorter trip. You have all the freedom in the world to adjust your cruise options according to your needs and budgetary constraints. 


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