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Kapawi Ecolodge & Kapawi Amazon lodgeKapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is one of the most remote, ecologically responsible and cultural sensible Amazon Jungle Eco lodges in the world. Your visit to this Amazon Jungle Lodge really contributes to sustainable socio – cultural communities and the protection of a unique natural environment. It is a remote and pristine region, the Amazon rainforest, untouched by logging, mining or petroleum extraction.

Each cabin of the lodge has a spacious screened-in sleeping area and private bath with solar heated water. Cabins are fully screened windows, floors, roofs and each bed has its own mosquito net. All rooms includes a hammock or deck chair to observe the daily visitors like ducks, hummingbirds, egrets, and kingfishers. Rooms are equipped with a security box.

Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is built entirely using traditional Achuar architecture and fans out around an ephemeral lagoon crowded with plant and bird life. A wooden boardwalk meanders its way from the river through the jungle to the lodge itself, and on out over the lagoon, providing an ideal location for early morning bird watching and sipping freshly brewed coffee.

The lodge includes19 guest rooms, each with private bath, and two centrally located communal structures – large dining room and separate lounge/library – which serve as the social and meeting center.

In Kapawi’s kitchen we prepare a tasty combination of Ecuadorian and International dishes, as well as local fare from the rain forest area. Vegetarian dishes are always available. While our staff provides full service at mealtimes, we do provide a semi-buffet light breakfast at 5am for early-rising birdwatchers.

Kapawi has a comfortable lounge area with a well supplied bar, library, and boutique that stocks essential items (film, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, etc.), as well as Achuar handicrafts and souvenirs. The library houses a wide range of novels, magazines and anthropological and wildlife resource books.

At the end of your day you are invited to swing in a hammock or relax in a reclining chair on the lodge’s wide veranda and watch the sunset while listening to the sounds of the jungle and sipping something delicious from our well-stocked bar.

You also have the chance to enjoy our self guided trail, an easy 45 minutes walk, around a loop, where you will be able to experience the sounds and the magic of the forest by yourself.

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Friday to Monday-Although a limited time, we can promise you activities that will provide you a good understanding of the rainforest and the Achuar culture

Monday to Friday-This is the best seller program, plenty of time for learning and gaining a deeper understanding of the rainforest and the Achuar with time to relax and contemplate as well.

Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday-The ideal program, with plenty of time to experience all of the activities, including camping in the forest or spending the night in a community, learning more about the Achuar cosmo-vision and having more chances for wildlife sightings.

There are three alternatives according to your physical condition:


Programs that include short hikes in the rainforest (up to 3 hours) on well defined trails, visits to the Achuar communities as well as trips in canoes. Meals are served in the lodge or light meals are taken for the trip. Typical Achuar meals are also offered in their communities. And during overnight stays in the lodge or in tents.


Programs that include medium-distance hikes in the rain forest (up to 5 hours), sometimes crossing flooded areas. Trips in canoes and visits to the Achuar communities are also covered. Light meals are taken for the journey or typical Achuar dishes are served in their communities. Overnight stays include the lodge, in the Achuar communities and occasionally in tents.


Demanding hikes of many hours or days in poorly defined and often flooded trails. Porters will carry food and supplies. Overnight stays are in tents or in the Achuar communities. Exploration journeys to virgin areas are occasionally offered. Trips on inaccessible rivers are done in inflatable rafts. Excellent physical condition is required!

Kapawi is a great place for birding. In ten days you can get a list of almost 400 species. The river islands often have Horned Screamers and Orinoco Geese. Muscovy Ducks are more prevalent. Other birds of exceptional interest featured in Kapawi are two species of Ant wren recently discovered (Herpislochaus and Terenura, sp. Novum), Salvin´s Curassow, Buckley’s Forest-Falcon, Sapphire Quail-Dove, Blue-winged Parrolet, Scarlet-Shouldered Parrolet, Black-billed Cuckoo, White Chested Puff bird, Spotted Puff bird, Tawney-throated Leaftosser, Black Bushbird, Amazonian Umbrella bird, Orange-eyed Flycatcher (Tolmomyas trailli, sp. Novum), Moriches Oriole and the most amazing thing is that you can see and record new species on the islands (like Arremonops, sp. Novum)!

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