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the world tour amazon

Getting from Iquitos to Manaus

Lying deep within the largest rainforest in the world, on the shores of one of the mightiest waterways on earth, Iquitos in Peru and Manaus in Brazil share some fundamental similarities. Largely that both act as the gateway to the jungle in their respective countries.

Thanks to their stunning locations in the heart of the rainforest, both Iquitos and Manaus attract visitors from around the world, drawn by the opportunity to experience authentic jungle culture and life within the Amazon CruisesAmazon’s borders.

Combining a trip to Iquitos with a trip to Manaus is a fantastic way to enhance your understanding of the jungle and how its settlements have developed. To help make your plans a reality, here is some useful Amazon Rainforest info for when you’re planning your trip between these two jungle cities.

What is the distance between Iquitos to Manaus?

Even though it looks close, the distance from Iquitos to Manaus is a whooping 1,469 km, (about 920 miles) which is about a 14 hours flight, or, if you want to get from Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil by boat, it would be a 50 hours ferry trip at the very least.

different ways to travel between Manaus and Iquitos
One of the many airlines you can take to get from Iquitos to Manaus

By Air

If you’re pushed for time and have a healthy budget for your trip to the Amazon, the quickest way to get from Iquitos to Manaus is by air.

However, you will have to travel via larger cities (normally Lima and Sao Paulo) and by flying high up above the rainforest canopy you’ll miss out on a lot of the magic, beauty and culture that makes the region so special.

By boat

Due to their locations on the Amazon River and the lack of roads between Manaus and Iquitos, the most direct way to travel between the two is by boat.

If you’re travelling to the Amazon rainforest info on boats and timetables should be fairly easy to find online or from the tourist office once you’re in the area.

Most boats will depart Iquitos and Manaus for the border where you’ll need to change boats for the next leg of the journey.

Both fast and slow boats ply the route and journeys can take anywhere from three to ten days depending on the speed of the vessel, direction of travel and connections. Accommodation is either a hammock on deck or passengers can pay extra for a private cabin.

amazon river boat
traveling from Iquitos to Manaus by boat

Custom trips

Rather than rushing from A to B, a great way to travel between these two jungle settlements is to arrange your very own custom trip and really experience the rainforest.

Unlike planes and ferries, custom trips allow you to explore the jungle at your own pace, learn all the Amazon Rainforest info you want a long the way and really experience the essence and life of the region.

Spend your days slowly discovering the unique habitat of the Amazon, join excursions to local communities or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the jungle floating by.


If you’re worried about the weather during your trip, this website has all the info you need.


What are other alternatives?

Other alternatives, and the most popular tourist trips, include Tabatinga to Belem, Manaus to Belem, and Iquitos to Macapa by boat.


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