Untamed Amazon

Untamed Amazon

The First Green Ship in the Amazon The Untamed Amazon is a uniquely-designed vessel that challenges what a riverboat should be. By combining five-star accommodations with unparalleled service and custom-built routes, Untamed Amazon creates an elegant, one-of-a-kind experience for charter groups of up to 16 passengers. 100% Solar power electricity & state-of-the-art water treatment. A … Read more

Aqua Nera Cruise

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Aqua Nera River Cruise Aboard the Aqua Nera, award-winning architects Noor Design crafts every space to perfection. The vessel’s 20 spacious Design Suites convey a sense of Amazon tranquility, while the social spaces showcase refined elegance with a touch of drama. Tastefully woven into the design are accents and details from the rubber boom era … Read more

Amazonas Cruise

Amazonas Amazon Cruise

Amazonas River Cruise Amazonas River cruise specializes in personalized services for travelers who are looking to commune with nature deep in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle and explore its incredible and rich flora and fauna plus sharing the customs of the local Communities.

Spondias Cruise

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Spondias Amazon River Cruise M/V Spondias has 4 comfortable cabins; all have King-size beds, bedside tables, air-conditioning, mirrors, fine pillows, sheets and blankets (100% Peruvian pima cotton, 400 thread count), 100% organic bathroom ammenities, finest quality bathrobes and towels, electric current for 110/220 volts, shower, hot water, safe deposit boxes and minibar. Ample social areas and … Read more

Zafiro Cruise


Zafiro Amazon River Cruise M/V Zafiro is a Luxury cruise down the Amazon by Voyagers.  Slide trough the mysteries of the jungle and the roaming Amazon aboard the stylish Zafiro. All feature en-suite sitting areas and Panoramic view floor-to-ceiling windows with separate balcony overlooking the Amazon River. 4 interconnected suites ideally for families. 1 suite has … Read more

Estrella Amazonica Cruise

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Estrella Amazonica River Cruise Estrella Amazonica is designed to offer you an unprecedented personal experience in this untamed frontier. Spacious, air-conditioned cabins — each approximately 220 sq. ft. — feature floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies, so you are constantly surrounded by rainforest views. Cabin interiors feature hand-crafted furniture by Peruvian artisans, plush linens and roomy … Read more

Queen Violet Cruise

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Queen Violet Amazon River Cruise   The 32-passenger Queen Violet boat offers travelers the ability to explore the Amazon in freedom and comfort. Roomy social areas, great sightlines, river-facing cabins and a pair of skiffs for shore excursions you won´t miss a thing.

Amatista Cruise

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Amatista Amazon River Cruise Please note that this cruise is fully booked for 2019 and 2020; for alternatives on River Cruises, please contact us for personalized assistance. Amatista, is a 35.76 meters long boat, with a unique classic design, which offers great comfort for guests and still allowing for an exciting adventure in the Amazon jungle. ALL 15 … Read more

Delfin I&II Cruise

Delfin III | Amazon Cruises

Delfin I, II & III Amazon River Cruise Delfin has made it a highest priority to give back to the Amazon’s communities as much as the local people have enriched their travelers’ experiences. Handmade, custom-designed artisanal wares made by the village women vibrantly enhance every Suite and dining room on board, and often the community men … Read more