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The New Black: A Review of The Aqua Nera’s Design Concept

So you did not explore the Amazon basin on the Aqua Nera maiden voyage? If you were not one of the lucky 37 guests who boarded the new river ship Aqua Nera, July 3, 2021, do not stress about this missed opportunity, there will be plenty of sailings in 2021 and onwards. Aqua Nera was built over the … Read more

Aqua Nera

The Amazon’s Newest Boutique Luxury Ship Sets Sail

Aqua Expeditions’ newly launched 20-suite luxury river vessel, Aqua Nera, successfully embarked on its maiden voyage in the remote Peruvian Amazon from 3-10 July 2021. On board were 37 guests who sailed on 3-, 4- and 7-night explorations into the depths of the world’s most biodiverse rainforest, in an exclusive journey hosted by the company’s CEO … Read more

Amazon Wildlife

Amazon Rainforest: What to See and Do

Of all the wonders of the world, the Amazon Rainforest remains one of the most breathtaking, untouched wildlife habitat. As mysterious as it is breathtaking, few places inspire such awe as this immensely biodiverse region, home to one in ten known species on earth. The best way to experience all that it has to offer … Read more

La Perla | Amazon Cruise

Explore Pacaya Samiria!

The Amazon is an exceptional destination known by its natural attractions and a vast diversity of new species to discover. Live an unique travel doing an Amazon River Expeditions with us! Traveling to the Peruvian Jungle is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most exotic places in the world. What could be better … Read more

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Make the Amazon your next destination!

1. Choose a safe destination. Before traveling, make sure you choose a safe destination. Consider the World Health Organization’s recommendations as well as the ones from the Health Ministry in Peru (MINSA). It’s crucial that you maintain yourself well informed so that your trip is not only pleasant but also safe. Open spaces:  Going to … Read more

Brazil | Amazon Rainforest

What the heck is going on in Brasil ?

What the heck is going on in Brasil? There has been a lot of bad press recently, some of it accurate. But there are good reasons to expect the health status here to begin to rapidly improve – there are good reasons for hope. As the world’s sixth largest country with one of the largest … Read more

Chamanes Amazon

Find yourself in the Amazon

Shamans are native doctors who have ancient knowledge and create potions to cure people of various ills. The history of these typical characters of the jungle is wide and mystical, but here we will tell you in detail about the past, life and healing methods of these “doctors” of the Peruvian jungle. How are shamans chosen to learn about … Read more

Amazon jungle experiences

A journey full of adventures in the Peruvian Jungle

Traveling to the Peruvian Jungle is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most exotic places in the world. What could be better than to experience it, navigating aboard one of the best cruises in the Amazon! 1. Day 1: arrival to the heart of the Peruvian Jungle!   Committed to taking care of every detail … Read more

Traveling to the amazon

Traveling to the Amazon: When is the best moment to go?

The Amazon River is known for being the longest and largest in the world, it has an amazing and exotic flora and fauna bringing you unbelievable and endless live experiences. Two are the main seasons in the Amazon: between June and November, the low-water season (dry season) and between, December and May, the high-water season (rainy season). Which ever … Read more

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We’re almost through this thing

We’re almost through this thing. People will travel when they feel safe. Thank goodness, vaccine is beginning to be widely distributed. Soon, soon, the travel urge will return. Let’s do what we can to help people have confidence to travel. Our Cruises are Naturally Safe…. 1) Our Staff: It’s the people that count. We have … Read more