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Brazil | Amazon Rainforest

What the heck is going on in Brasil ?

What the heck is going on in Brasil? There has been a lot of bad press recently, some of it accurate. But there are good reasons to expect the health status here to begin to rapidly improve – there are good reasons for hope. As the world’s sixth largest country with one of the largest … Read more

Chamanes Amazon

Find yourself in the Amazon

Shamans are native doctors who have ancient knowledge and create potions to cure people of various ills. The history of these typical characters of the jungle is wide and mystical, but here we will tell you in detail about the past, life and healing methods of these “doctors” of the Peruvian jungle. How are shamans chosen to learn about … Read more

Amazon jungle experiences

A journey full of adventures in the Peruvian Jungle

Traveling to the Peruvian Jungle is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most exotic places in the world. What could be better than to experience it, navigating aboard one of the best cruises in the Amazon! 1. Day 1: arrival to the heart of the Peruvian Jungle!   Committed to taking care of every detail … Read more

Traveling to the amazon

Traveling to the Amazon: When is the best moment to go?

The Amazon River is known for being the longest and largest in the world, it has an amazing and exotic flora and fauna bringing you unbelievable and endless live experiences. Two are the main seasons in the Amazon: between June and November, the low-water season (dry season) and between, December and May, the high-water season (rainy season). Which ever … Read more

tucano amazon cruise

We’re almost through this thing

We’re almost through this thing. People will travel when they feel safe. Thank goodness, vaccine is beginning to be widely distributed. Soon, soon, the travel urge will return. Let’s do what we can to help people have confidence to travel. Our Cruises are Naturally Safe…. 1) Our Staff: It’s the people that count. We have … Read more

Amazon rainforest

PCR Test Required to Visit the Yasuní

Receive warm greetings from the Kichwa Añangu Community, hoping your family and team, are all healthy, especially in these difficult times we are all living.   Thanks to the commitment of the Añangu Community, we are ready for the reopening of our touristic projects. We have developed a Biosafety and Sanitary Measures Protocol, which adheres … Read more

Amazon wildlife

The Kichwa Añangu Community announces its return!!

Thanks to the commitment of the Kichwa Añangu Community, we are ready to reopen our touristic projects. We have developed a Biosafety and Sanitary Measures Protocol, which follows the guidelines of the World Travel and Tourism Council. Local control bodies have made possible the reopening of the Yasuní National Park, after we have demonstrated our … Read more

Delfin III | Amazon Cruises

Delfin III sets sails today

Today we rejoice as the Delfin III sets sail again through the remarkable Upper Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. We are thrilled to announce that we are officially operating again for the first time since the pandemic started. We are proud of our crew and the entire Delfin Amazon Cruises family for preparing this lucky holiday adventure of … Read more

Kapawi lodge

Kapawi is reopening

Travel has always played a key role in supporting biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable development for the Achuar indigenous communities of the lower Pastaza river basin in Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. It is the reason why Kapawi Ecolodge was created in the first place. As of September, 19th Ecuador has opened its borders to international visitors, and … Read more

Responsible Travel to the Amazon

Responsible Travel Tips: 13 Tips to Travel Responsibly to the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is a natural marvel that is rare. This explains why it is such a treat to behold.However, the Amazon rainforest is also the recipient of many harmful actions. Whether from illegal logging or through irresponsible tourists traveling to the area, it goes through quite a bit of a risk. IMPORTANT COVID 19 … Read more