delfin ii amazon river cruises
delfin ii amazon river cruises

Best swimming holes in the Amazon basin

When you think about the Amazon Rainforest what springs to mind? Lush vegetation? Exotic animals? Towering trees? One thing that probably does not come up is swimming. However, with around 60,000km of inland waterways, countless lakes, lagoons and beaches, the Amazon is one of the most exciting and diverse swimming spots in the world.

Though there is a huge amount to see and do in the Amazon, taking an hour or two out to have a dip in a jungle pool is a great way to experience the rainforest. So, here’s some Amazon Rainforest info to help you find the best swimming locations around.

Rio Negro, BrazilAmazon river travel

As the largest black river in the world, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon and one of the top 10 biggest rivers in terms of discharge, the Rio Negro is an important and expansive waterway in its own right.

A popular destination for passengers on board the Amazon clipper fleet, the confluence of the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers is one of the most stunning natural sights in the world.

There are several spots for swimming along the river’s route, though the waterway is relatively fast flowing, you’ll need to be equipped with floats if you decide to take a dip in its dark waters.

Rio Tapiche, Peru

Located to the east of the Ucayali River, the Rio Tapiche runs through some of the most pristine parts of the Amazon Rainforest, making it the perfect place to get wet and get close to nature.

Though there’s limited Amazon rainforest info available about the site, if you’re on a cruise in the region your guides should be able to point out the best swimming spots.

Jaú National Park, Brazil

If you want to swim with the iconic pink river dolphins during your Amazon cruise, one of the best places to take a dip is the Jaú National Park in Brazil.

The largest forest reserve in South America, the Jaú National Park is home to a large population of these river residents.

Swimming in the AmazonNovo Airão, Brazil

Another good spot for river dolphins is Novo Airão, around 180 km upstream from Manaus in Brazil. Still relatively underdeveloped, the area is becoming increasingly popular with visitors who want to take a swim and get up close to the river dolphins.


In order to keep yourself and the jungle wildlife safe during your dips, it’s incredibly important to listen to all of the Amazon rainforest info provided by your guides and local people.

By ensuring you stick to safe spots and take advice on board, you’re guaranteed an exhilarating, exciting and unforgettable experience you’ll remember forever.


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