Luciana Bezerra

Luciana is a Journalist from Brazil and native from Manaus. She loves her city and calls it the "Brazilian Paris". As well she enjoys visiting the surrounding tributaries of the Amazon, her hobbies include photography and showing friends around her amazing surroundings

Praias Novo Airao

Anavilhanas Archipelago a detailed guide

The Anavilhanas National Park, located between the Manaus city (648 kilometers) and Novo Airão city (552 kilometers), in Amazonas, is the perfect destination for visitors who are looking for a complete nature-tourism experience in the Amazon rainforest. Amazing wildlife, vegetation, lakes, and a sky full of stars make the region a truly magical place. The […]

Rio Negro

A full guide about Rio Negro river, Amazonas, Brazil

Surely, the best way to explore the Amazon is to navigate through it’s river system. The Rio Negro is the largest tributary on the left bank of Amazon River, in the Amazon, in South America, bathing three countries in South America: Colombia (where it has its sources), Venezuela and Brazil, and runs for about 1,700 kilometers. Also it […]

Ponta Negra Manaus

15 things to see and do if you are visiting Manaus, Brazil

The most cosmopolitan city in the North of Brazil, the former “Paris Brasileira” is famous for being the home of the Amazon Rainforest. With endless beauty, intense cultural life, delicious cuisine and, of course, enormous natural wealth, the Amazonian capital has a lot to offer those who choose it as a destination. So, how about […]